Fitbit Group Health creates successful wellness programs, improves employee participation and increases company productivity.

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About Fitbit

As the only Preferred Provider of Fitbit Group Health, IAML Services can help your organization create a culture of well-being, improve employee health status, increase employee productivity and boost acquisition and retention.

Wellness Just Got a Lot More Fun

Harness the power of the market-leading fitness trackers to drive an engaging wellness program.  Regardless of your organization’s size or culture, Fitbit Group Health provides a flexible, exciting way to promote healthy behaviors, get employees more active and potentially reduce healthcare costs.

Take Your Wellness Program to the Next Level

Help employees stay motivated to reach their goals with Fitbit Corporate Challenges designed specifically for your wellness program.  Available to Starter and Select Programs, these interactive team challenges are set up from the Program Management Dashboard and come to life in a mobile experience.

Increase Engagement.  Improve Results.

Fitbit Group Health lets you monitor individual, team and company-wide progress.  Through personal dashboards, participants can see detailed summaries of their stats, a list of individual achievements and a graph comparing their performance with their group or the entire company.

Personalized Wellness Meets Powerful Technology

With access to individual dashboards, real-time group reports and insights into how your company is progressing towards its goal, Fitbit Group Health provides the data you need to gather meaningful, valuable results about your wellness investment.

Get the Support You Need to Succeed

By implementing Fitbit into your overall wellness program, not only do you get easy-to-use software and services to help you plan, track, manage and execute your program, but you also get access to Fitbit Group Health specialists, world-class customer support and an encouraging, knowledgeable community.

“Partnering with Fitbit got our employee population moving and more engaged in our wellness program,” said Selena Baker, Nutrition Counselor at Ohio University, a participant of the Fitbit Wellness Insighter pilot program. “With Fitbit Wellness Insighter, our employees had the opportunity to communicate their perceptions of and changes that resulted from the program. Their input has significantly changed our approach to activity, challenge cadence, and employee communications tactics.”

Executive Summary

Bring efficiency and cost-saving to your company with IAML Services.

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